Moon Lit Nude
Oil on linen
30 x 40 inches framed

Dusk Lit Seated Figure
Oil on linen
35 x 45 inchs framed

John Van Dreal

My artistic style and method, as well as my philosophy about art, is founded in my admiration for the Dutch, Flemish and Spanish Masters. As a craftsman, I build surface and texture through layered oil painting combined with layers of translucent glazing. I have found that such approach allows me to capture light and spirit as well as render form that has a sort of intrinsic identity. This is especially important when working with still life, the figure, or in portraiture because character and spirit are necessary features that the work must offer the viewer while remaining a subtle expression of beauty as it is found in the simple arrangements of form within the quiet moments in life.

Using this method, combined with traditional aesthetic principles, allows me to create contemporary images that are evocative and spiritual, and hopefully connect with the viewer on a personal or individual level. By indulging in form and the aesthetic, I attempt to paint the denominators most common to human beings in their search for the beautiful and sublime, and thus hope that my art offers a sort of connection to good things.

Gathering Apples
Oil on panel
30 x 30 inches framed