My name is Richard Ferguson.

It seemed that I always knew that I would be an artist. My earliest memories revolved around creating images both on paper and with sculpture. At age 9, I became infatuated with Egyptian art and carved the tomb of Ramses II in a Texas red clay bank.

When I decided pursue a higher degree, I choose Art. I earned my BFA from the University of Southern Mississippi.

While the bulk of my career has been in the production of graphic design and illustration, my art education and experience has enabled me to expand my skills into other areas, like 3D, video and photography.

I am always looking for interesting projects that make use of my skills. I recently produced a book trailer for an author that included live action as well as special effects.

I also plan a new series of paintings soon. As always, I find variety much more satisfying than specialization.

I strive for perfection but I also realize that budgets are necessary. I am a businessman as well as a creative mind.